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Day Teleradiology

We provide day time teleradiology coverage to hospitals and imaging centers across the globe.

We can generate reports with turn around time starting from 30 minutes.

Night Coverage

We provide radiology night coverage for hospitals and imaging centers.

For majority of the hospitals and imaging centers, maintaining an in house team for radiology night coverage is a burden and night duty is one of the prominent reasons for losing full time radiology professionals.

Sub-Specialty Opinion

We offer hospitals and imaging practices across the world access to sub-specialty expertise in a wide range of radiographic modalities. Our radiologists from USA, UK, Lebanon, Turkey and France offer their service in interpreting sub-specialty and difficult cases arriving in your practices.

Second Opinion

Our second read or over read services help individuals as well as radiology practices.

Our second opinion service is helpful for individuals who wish to have a second read and report on his or her diagnostic study.

Latest News

COVID-19 Pandemic


COVID-19 and the Lebanese Radiology Departments 
Ali Kanj MD;
An unprecedented sanitary challenge is threatening human beings due to COVID-19 
pandemic. There is no light at the end of the tunnel concerning treatment and worries 
from a possible second wave start to arise even before the end of the first one. We 
conducted a multicenter study to reassess the different aspects of radiology 
departments’ preparedness in Lebanon stating the points of strength and more 



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