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We make use of Virtual Private Networks combined with cloud computing for providing a smooth teleradiology workflow. This system provide advantages like location independence for resource allocation and scalability of the services.

Our technical team will study and analyse client center’s infrastructure and specifications and work together with the center to set up and maintain the connections and total work flow.

Image transfer between hospitals/imaging centers and our work station is through a secure network. These images can be accessed by our radiologists/physicians using secure login credentials. The completed reports are uploaded back to the work station which can be downloaded from the client side. Also, the reports can be sent through email, fax or can be made available in the RIS.

We regularly update our systems and software and offer specialized software support and trouble shooting. In order to maintain reliability of the system we are running multiple servers.

Latest News

COVID-19 Pandemic


COVID-19 and the Lebanese Radiology Departments 
Ali Kanj MD;
An unprecedented sanitary challenge is threatening human beings due to COVID-19 
pandemic. There is no light at the end of the tunnel concerning treatment and worries 
from a possible second wave start to arise even before the end of the first one. We 
conducted a multicenter study to reassess the different aspects of radiology 
departments’ preparedness in Lebanon stating the points of strength and more 



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